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This page describes how to jump to a certain time in a video. Other "how to" pages


The dialogue box as shown in VLC 3.0.6 (Linux)

In the menu bar select PlaybackJump to Specific Time. Alternatively, press Ctrl+T. Enter the hours, minutes, and seconds.


To seek from the command-line, use --start-time <seconds> to skip the beginning or --stop-time <seconds> to skip the end. As of VLC version 1.0.0 sub-second values are accepted. Example:

% vlc --start-time=83.4 --stop-time=300 BigBuckBunny.ogv

Plays an open-source movie starting at 1 minute 23.4 seconds and ending at 5 minutes.

Advanced users: playback control is documented in vlc --module=core --advanced

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