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! [[Windows|Windows Vista]]
! [[Windows|Windows Vista]]
| {{yes}} || VLC has still some problems with Vista, but it works.
| {{yes}} ||  
Read the [http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=32513 forum thread] on that matter.
! [[Windows|Windows 7]]
! [[Windows|Windows 7]]

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On what operating systems can run VLC media player ?

Windows 9x 98/Me Yes (not supported) Although it is not supported anymore, versions prior to VLC 0.9.x should work flawlessly on Windows 98 and Windows ME.

You need to install the unicode package to make it work.

Windows 2000 Yes
Windows XP Yes
Windows NT 4.0 Yes (not supported) Although it is not supported anymore, VLC should work on Windows NT4.0,

but with major issues due to the lack of a correct DirectX support.

Windows Vista Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Linux Yes VLC works perfectly under linux.

The team supports the Debian version. However Ubuntu, Gentoo, OpenSuse,
Mandriva, Fedora Core are often tested by the team,
but the packages are not made by the VideoLAN team.

*BSD Yes VLC should work without any problem.
Solaris Middle VLC is buildable under Solaris after some adaptations.

Reports have said that those were doable.

Other Unixes Middle Same as Solaris
BeOS Yes
Mac OS
Mac OS 9 No Mac OS 9 was never supported and will not be because of the deprecation of the platform.
Mac OS X 10.1 Yes (not supported) VLC 0.7.0
Mac OS X 10.2 Yes (not supported) VLC 0.8.4a

Requires 10.2.8 and QuickTime 6.5.2

Mac OS X 10.3 Yes (not supported) VLC 0.8.6i

Requires 10.3.9 and QuickTime 7

Mac OS X 10.4 Yes VLC 0.9.8a

Requires 10.4.9 (or later) and QuickTime 7

Mac OS X 10.5 Yes Any current VLC release
Mac OS X 10.6 Yes VLC 1.0 or later
Windows CE Middle You can find some version here.
Palm OS No No version done. Lacks a lot of features needed by VLC. Feel free to port it!
Symbian No No version done. Feel free to port it!
Other OSes
PSP Yes, unsupported There is a port of VLC on the PSP done by an external team.
PS3 Yes VLC runs under YDL5 on the PS3.
OS/2 No No version done. Feel free to port it!