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! CorePNG  
! CorePNG  
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! MSU Lossless  
! MSU Lossless  

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This is an unofficial and experimental page that lists the audio/video codecs that VLC can or cannot read. You can get the official features page on VideoLAN website.

Don't use this page as a reference

If you have any question about those codecs, just consult our Knowledge Base or our friends on the Multimedia Wiki.

Video Codecs

Most used Video Codecs
Name FOURCC Playable Encoder library Comment
MPEG-1 Part 2 mpeg, mp1v, mpg1, PIM1 Yes Yes libmpeg2 , ffmpeg
MPEG-2 Part 2 mp2v, mpg2, vcr2, hdv1, hdv2, hdv3, mx*n, mx*p Yes Yes libmpeg2 , ffmpeg
Divx (1, 2, 3) DIV1, DIV2, DIV3, mp41, mp42, MPG4, MPG3 Yes Yes ffmpeg
DivX 4, 5, 6 , 3ivx D4, MPEG-4 DIV4, DIV5, DIV6, col1, col0, 3ivd Yes Yes ffmpeg
MPEG-4 Part 2 DIVX, Xvid, mp4s, m4s2, xvid, mp4v, fmp4, 3iv2, smp4, ... Yes Yes ffmpeg
H.264 / X.264 h264, s264, AVC1, DAVC, H264, X264, VSSH Yes Yes ffmpeg (decode), x264 (encode)
Sorenson 1 (Quicktime) SVQ 1 Yes Yes ffmpeg
Sorenson 3 (Quicktime) SVQ 3 Yes No ffmpeg
DV Yes Yes ffmpeg
Cinepak cvid Yes No internal, ffmpeg
Theora thra Yes Yes broken libtheora
H.263 / H.263i h263 Yes Yes ffmpeg
H.261 h261 Yes Yes ffmpeg
MJPEG (A/B) Yes Yes ffmpeg ???
WMV 1/2 (7/8) wmv1, wmv2 Yes Yes ffmepg
WMV 3 / WMV-9 / VC-1 wmv3, wvc1, wmva Yes No ffmpeg
On2 VP6 (used by FLV) VP60, VP61, VP62, VP6F Yes No ffmpeg
On2 VP3, VP5 VP31, VP30, VP3, VP50, VP5, VP51 Yes No ffmpeg
Flash Screen Video FSV1 Yes Yes ffmpeg
Indeo Video v3 IV31, IV32 Yes No ??
Indeo Video v4/5 IV41, IV51 No No ??
Real Video 1.0, 1.3, 2.0 RV10, RV13, RV20 Yes Yes ffmpeg
Real Video 3, 10 RV30, RV40 No No
Dirac BBCD Yes Yes dirac
Huffyuv / Lagarith Yes Yes ffmpeg

Less Used Video Codecs
Rare codecs !
Apple Animation, Graphics, Video, QuickDraw 'rle','smc ','rpza', 'qdrw' Yes No ffmpeg
SheerVideo No No Professional use, no open source decoders
CorePNG ?? ??
MSU Lossless ?? ??
Snow Yes Yes
VP 7 No No
Pixlet ?? ??
Rare codecs (Asus V1, Asus V2) ASV1, ASV2 Yes Yes ffmpeg
Game Codecs (Some) Yes No ffmpeg

Audio Codecs

Audio Codecs Status
Name FOURCC Decoder Encoder library Comment
MPEG-Audio 1 Layer-2 mpga Yes Yes libmad (decoding), twolame (encoding) ISO/IEC MPEG
MP3 mp3, .mp3, LAME Yes Yes libmad (decoding), ffmpeg-mp3lame ISO/IEC MPEG - (recompile needed)
AAC mp4a Yes Yes faad (decode), faac (encoding) ISO/IEC MPEG
HE-AAC Yes Yes faad (decode), faac (encoding) ISO/IEC MPEG
AC-3 a52, a52b Yes Yes liba52 (decode), ffmpeg (encode)
ATRAC atrc Yes No
iLBC untested ??? untested ??? to check
Mu-Law Yes No ffmpeg (check for encoder)
NellyMoser No No to chek
Real Audio lpcJ, 28_8, dnet, sipr, cook, atrc, raac, racp, ralf Yes No Some works. ralf don't
Shorten shrn No No ffmpeg and ffplay do it. VLC doesn't. (It is in the FOURCC list in VLC's ffmpeg.c Dionoea)
Speex spex Yes Yes libspeex
Vorbis vorb Yes Yes libvorbis
DTS dts Yes No libdca DTS-HD unsupported
MPC Yes No libmpcdec
WMA 1/2 wma1, wma2 Yes Yes ffmpeg WMA9 is not supported
Flac flac Yes Yes libflac lossless
Apple Lossless Audio Codec alac Yes No ffmpeg lossless
Monkey's Audio No No lossless - NON FREE LICENSE
Musepack Yes No libmpcdec
ADMPCM (various) Yes Yes ffmpeg and internal
AMR samr Yes Yes ffmpeg + libamrnb + libamrwb RECOMPILE VLC for this
Sonic SONC Yes Yes ffmpeg

Subtitles Codecs

See SubtitlesCodec for the matter.