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The different VLC release codenames were:

From the first version of VLC to 1.0., VLC codenames are based on characters in Goldeneye.

This movie is one of the first movies that was used during the original development phase to test VLC, and therefore was selected.

Version Codename
< 0.1.99x Onatopp
0.2.(x<5) Onatopp
0.2.(x>=5) Ourumov
0.3.x Ourumov
0.4.x Ourumov
0.5.x Natalya
0.6.x Trevelyan
0.7.x Bond
0.8.x Janus
0.9.x Grishenko
1.0.x Goldeneye

Starting from 1.1.x and above, VLC codenames are based on characters from DiscWorld, from Terry Pratchett.

VLC 2.2.1 was named "Terry Pratchett", as being the first release after his death.

Version Codename
1.1.x The Luggage
2.0.x Twoflower
2.1.x Rincewind
2.2.x (except 2.2.1) Weatherwax
2.2.1 Terry Pratchett
3.0.x Vetinari
4.0.x Otto Chriek

Work has already started on world domination, which is scheduled for version 42.0.