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VDD 2019 Travel Sponsor Policy

Since VDD19 is in Tokyo, it will cost a lot more money for VideoLAN. Remember that the non-profit is paying all this from donations.

Therefore, there are a few rules for sponsorship, that will be enforced.

Who can be sponsored?

People who are part of the development communities, that are not paid by a corporation to work on multimedia, can be sponsored.

This includes all the development communities around VLC or FFmpeg or Kodi.

If you were sponsored in the past, you should be able to be sponsored this year.

If you are part of the VideoLAN non-profit organization, you should be sponsored.

If you are not part of a development community, but you really want to come, talk to us.

However, if you are an unactive developer, this might be a bit more tricky.


  • Please try to keep your cost of flights to a minimum.
  • Don't make it insane, like 15hours stop or 3 stops to come to Tokyo.
  • If you find something under 750€ from Europe, or 900€ from the US, take it directly.
  • Else, you can ask on IRC (or mail) to jb or TypX.
  • If you find an expensive flight that you really want, we might be able to cover part of it only. Talk to us for more information.

If you need help with airfares, you can solicit advice on the Freenode IRC #libav-travel channel.