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What is VideoLAN Dev Days 2015?

The Open Multimedia Conference that frees the cone in you!

This is a technical un-conference, please bring laptops, cords, RJ45 cables and a good mood with you.


Friday, September 18th 2015

Social event

If you subscribed for the social event, you should have received instructions by e-mail.



Saturday, September 19th 2015


Sunday, September 20th 2015


Practical information

Emergency situation

In case of emergency, call the European emergency number 112.

Location / main venue

The venue is in Paris (France), 9th district, near St Lazare:

32 rue Blanche
75009 Paris, France

Google Maps


For sponsored participants, the hotel is:

Timhotel Berthier Paris 17
4 Boulevard Berthier
75017 Paris, France

Google Maps


The local currency is the Euro. Merchants are forbidden from accepting other currencies (except exchange).

Most venues will accept EMV credit and debit cards (i.e. Chip & PIN), at least VISA and MasterCard. Swipe-only cards can be more tricky (it has been illegal for banks to issue them for years in France, so only foreign visitors use them). American Express is widely but not universally accepted. Diners/Discovery, UnionPay, JCB, etc. are mostly only accepted in shops catering to tourists.


NOTE: VideoLAN does not refund taxi expenses nor car rentals.

Paris-CDG / Roissy airport

  • Upon landing, follow the signs for local trains. There is one station for T1/T3 and one for T2 (A-G).
  • At the station, look for blue/green ticket vending machines.
    • Do not use the yellow/grey machines (at terminal 2), those are for long distance trains only.
  • Buy a ticket for zones 1-5 (to Paris). The cost is 10€ one way. Credit cards are accepted.
  • Take the regional express(RER) line B (blue). You can use any train toward Paris.
  • Alight at Gare du Nord.
  • See also Gare du Nord below.
  • To the sponsored hotel:
    • Transfer to subway(M) line 2 toward Porte Dauphine.
    • Alight at Place de Clichy (6 stops)
    • Transfer to subway(M) line 13 toward Asnières...
    • Get off at Porte de Clichy (4 stops)
  • To the conference venue:
    • Transfer to express(RER) line A (red) toward Poissy
    • Alight at Auber.
    • Walk for 15 minutes.

TODO: walking map

Orly (ORY) airport


Beauvais (BVA) airport

We feel sorry for you. Take the bus.

Gare du Nord (North railway station)

Gare de l'Est (East railway station)


Gare de Lyon (South/East railway station)


Feel free to ask for advice on the mailing list if your station is missing.


Power supply

The AC power sockets are "French" IEC type E. Connectors from "German" IEC type F countries should fit safely, as they are usually bi-standards. There should have a hole for the French-style ground pin.

The electrical system is 220V / 50Hz. If you come from outside Europe, please make sure your devices are compatible beforehand.


Weather forecast

Fri Sep 18 Cloudy 70° Low 47°
Sat Sep 19 Mostly cloudy and warm 78° Low 55°
Sun Sep 20 Sunshine 74° Low 53°