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== Weather ==
== Weather ==
Dublin forecast for September 19th is 61F / 16C high and 49F / 9C low. Remi says to expect rain.
Dublin forecast for September 19th is 61F / 16C high and 49F / 9C low.
== Emergency situation ==
== Emergency situation ==

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VideoLAN Dev Days 2014

The Multimedia Conference that frees the cone in you!

This is a technical un-conference, please bring laptops, cords, RJ45 cables and a good mood with you.

Note well

  • If you expect VideoLAN to refund your travel, please bring a printed copy of your tickets including total cost.
    • If you are not already in our reimbursement database, please bring a printed IBAN statement too.

Practical information

The meeting is held in Dublin, Ireland.

Feel free to use Flameeyes as local point of contact before, during and after the event.


Most venues will accept credit and debit cards as long as they are Chip & PIN; American swipe cards can be slightly more tricky but not exceedingly. American Express is barely accepted.

Airport transfer

There are two main options to get from Dublin Airport to Dublin city centre: bus/coach or cabs.

(NOTE: VideoLAN does not refund taxi expenses, and of course nor car rental.)


The AirLink costs around 6 euros per person.


A trip to the city centre by cab takes around 26 euros (a 10%-to-20% tip is usually welcome but not necessary). Most cabs fits three people comfortably (one in front, two in the back) or four squeezing, and cabs for five or more people are well available (even at the airport). So if you can sync up in groups you can get to the city centre pretty quickly (around 20 minutes).

If the driver asks you whether to take the tunnel, it's a 3 euro charge, but it might save you money if there's lots of traffic.

Rental car

If you plan on visiting outside Dublin you may consider renting a car, but it might be easier to do so from the city centre rather than from the airport, as there's very little parking available (and you don't need a car in the centre).



Main venue

Google Docks, in Barrow Street.


Power supply

The electrical sockets are "British" IEC type G with three prongs a.k.a. BS 1363.

The electrical system is 220V / 50Hz. If you come from the Americas, please make sure your devices are compatible beforehand.

Hotel bathrooms are often an exception, providing 110/220V split sockets, accepting US and Europlug connectors (not grounded). They are marked as "shavers only".


At the venue, the GoogleGuest open WiFi is available at all time.

Most hotels and coffee shops will have available WiFi, but some might require registration.

The airport has a free WiFi network with captive portals.

SIM cards can be freely bought with nothing more than an ID and a card/money.


Dublin forecast for September 19th is 61F / 16C high and 49F / 9C low.

Emergency situation

In case of emergency, call the European emergency number 112. The UK number 999 also works.


Friday, September 19th 2014

Saturday, September 20th 2014





Sunday, September 21st 2014