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Cone crusher features and advantages
Not the place to discuss cone crushers. This is a wiki regarding VideoLAN/VLC. [[User:DoesItReallyMatter|DoesItReallyMatter]] ([[User talk:DoesItReallyMatter|talk]]) 04:08, 12 November 2014 (CET)
With the continued growth of China's economic construction,crusher machines can be described as a rapid development of the industry. The use of [http://www.crushermills.com/ cone crusher] has been a very big promotion and popularization because of the advantages of machine design, and its superior performance. Compared with the traditional crusher, cone crusher is produced in recent years, it is advanced crushing machine, designed on the basis of an advanced crushing technology. The following two advantages make it competitive in the market and has great prospects for development.
Firstly, the design of [http://www.unisbm.com/ cone crusher] is novel, adopting a new concepts crushing technology. Cone crusher can crush different size of different materials, and widely used in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicate industry. Impact crusher has advantage of high efficiency, high capacity, low cost, easy to adjust, and large crushing radio, uniform particle size, low power consumption. There is not much demand about crushing material humidity requirements, but also it is suitable for any of the hard brittle materials. In the large-scale engineering applications cone crusher is proved that there is good application prospects in the mineral processing field.
Second, the throughput of cone crusher is large, and the design is unique, so that its maintenance costs and Production costs is greatly reduced, and productivity has been greatly improved.
== Raymond mill ==
Raymond grinder is a new style powder grinder mill, is also called [http://www.crushermills.com./ raymond mill], which is more advanced than ball grinder and much appreciated in many fields due to its domestic leading level in each technical specification. This product adopts advanced structure of similar products from abroad, and is updated and designed based on large Raymond grinder. Under centrifugal force, grinding roller rolles closely on grinding ring, which shall not affect yield and fineness of ground powder in the case that grinding roller and ring are worn to a certain degree.
Grinding roller and Grinding ring enjoy a long update cycle, which eliminates disadvantage of short update cycle for easily damaged parts on centrifugal crusher. In this grinder, pneumatic flow goes circularly through fan--grinding enclosure--cyclone separator—fan. Therefore, dust in this machine is less than that in high speed centrifugal grinder, and operation workshop is relatively clean without environmental contamination.

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Not the place to discuss cone crushers. This is a wiki regarding VideoLAN/VLC. DoesItReallyMatter (talk) 04:08, 12 November 2014 (CET)