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Question about "VLC DVD player"

I moved your question here because you posted it in a very wrong place on this wiki.

I like VLC Player, which plays almost all formats. However our DVD Player, even though claims to be play all formats is limited to some formats only. Why VLC Team shall not create a DVD player which run based on VLC software and help people to run all their CDs/DVDs/movies (in 3gp, winamp, avi & lots more) and musics.

Please inform.

Yours faithfully, Satish Shetty--Satishshettyannu 11:31, 15 January 2010 (UTC)


  • The right place for such question is the VideoLAN forum, maybe in coffee-corner section, maybe in feature requests. The wiki is dedicated to documentations and HOWTOs, etc.
  • I don't understand your request. VLC media player is already able to read DVDs, so it is a kind of DVD player in itself. I think it even add an entry in DVD drives context-menu in Windows "Computer" folder to start DVD playback easily.
    • Are you talking about a hardware device/set-top-box powered by VLC? In this case be aware that VLC software is written and maintained by volunteers only, on their free time. VideoLAN is a French non-profit organisation, not a company at all and creating/selling hardware is money/time/etc-consuming...