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Immediate need possible name: MASH-UP

i have an immediate need for a media player that will open a file and start playing the file at a specified start point, until a specified end point, possibly with optional skip points. example of use: Doctor King's famous "I have a dream" speech could be queued up to play just a couple sentences or even play a "readers digest" condensed version of the speech, without creating external samples.

defaults (for non-specified info) would of course be START-POINT: 0:00, END-POINT: file-length, SKIP-POINT: NUL SKIP-LENGTH: ZERO/NUL

of course, my example could just as easily use samples but what If the speech was copyrighted? there are a lot of 'discussions' about the legality of MASH-UPS. While I believe most mash-ups are within their rights to create a new file I do question the legality of distributing said MASH-UPS, especially when 'someone' gains without compensation to the 'original authors'. (and if "I" question the legality, you KNOW someone will at least TRY to sue) While a legal battle does not scare me, only a fool would prefer a legal battle.

the ability to make an input file that would instruct what portions of what files are to be played (and what order) would require the user to 'own' the original media already (or subscribe to a service that would provide the original media) thus circumventing the question of compensation to the original artist(s).

suggested development schedule

  1. audio output from files physically owned audio files
  2. audio output from audio AND video files physically owned
  3. adding repository access, see NOTE below (with or without support for subscribed services)
  4. video output from video input
  5. video output from mixed media input (a virtual slideshow including video snapshots, standalone pictures, and possible even video clips with possible multiple audio sources also)

NOTE: a repository would be anywhere other than the physical computer (or media) running VLC simular to Linux repositories and thus should be considered stable to be added as a repository but would be treated as if the repository was just another disk on the main machine --Qazwiz 23:19, 24 April 2012 (CEST)