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hola !
we cut the ID from the HTML source,
smth like fo.addVariable("stream", "Y0lEPTEwMTI0NDMmYXBJRD0xMDAwMDAz");
so we go on link:
then we parse the XML we got, we need next params:
1/ case of HTTP/MP4
<streams server="HTTP://foo/bar."
and stream quality ... for low, SD, hd, then we have server="foobar" string, and file name.
we concatenate those and enjoy our PORN
2/ case of RTMP
<streams server="" > -- server is "" !!
we cut <stream quality = ...smil> we GET it and parse the XML
we need meta base, rtmp://fms019.lo1.hwcdn.net/m2d7r5h3/_definst_
and video src, mp4:fms/replays/GP9_MX1_R2_400.mp4?doppl=30dd662a7cf1eb54&amp;dopsig=c628f222e7fccdbe20c3556f0c235e46
rtmpdump command to DL the file is:
rtmpdump -r rtmp://fms031.lo1.hwcdn.net/a2f2q9i4/_definst_ --swfUrl http://play.freecaster.com/player/FCPlayer.swf --tcUrl 'rtmp://fms031.lo1.hwcdn.net/a2f2q9i4/_definst_' -pageUrl 'http://freecaster.tv/mx/1012443/mx3-wc-2010-round-of-greece' --playpath 'mp4:fms/replays/MX3_WC_Greece_2010.mov?doppl=30dd662a7cf1e8f3&dopsig=11b41a5faefae397169fbc0e3a649028' -o mx3-wc-2010-greece.flv

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hola !