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General presentation


I'm Rohit Yadav, Computer Science and Engineering student, Open Source Developer and Linux Evangelist. My irc nick is rohityadav.


I'm student of Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, one of the premier engineering institutions in India. I'm pursuing dual degree which is a 5 years course for both Bachelors and Masters Degree.


Nowadays, I'm developing free and open source software including VLC(widgets etc.), KrossDC++(DC++ client), IceCuBe(LAN messenger with Graffiti Whiteboard) etc. I also play A and G scale bamboo flutes called Bansuri.


Twitter: Skype: rohitloveslinux Jabber: rohityadav89 irc: rohityadav www: (under construction) blog: I don't blog :-)


VLC Widget: Song Notifier @ KrossDC++: IceCuBe: Graffiti: GtkMoo: Retro Messenger: