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=== Contact ===
=== Contact ===
Twitter: http://twitter.com/rohit_yadav
- Twitter: http://twitter.com/rohit_yadav
Skype: rohitloveslinux
- B!og: http://rohityadav.wordpress.com
Jabber: rohityadav89
- Skype: rohitloveslinux
irc: rohityadav
- Jabber: rohityadav89
www: www.whatifi.undo.it (under construction)
- irc: rohityadav
blog: I don't blog :-)
- www: www.whatifi.undo.it (under construction)
=== Projects ===
=== Projects ===

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I'm Rohit Yadav, Computer Science and Engineering student, Open Source Developer and Linux Evangelist. My irc nick is rohityadav.


I'm a 2nd year CSE student of Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, one of the premier engineering institutions in India. I'm pursuing dual degree which is a 5 years course for both Bachelors and Masters Degree.


Nowadays, I'm developing free and open source software including VLC(widgets etc.), KrossDC++(DC++ client), IceCuBe(LAN messenger with Graffiti Whiteboard) etc. I also play A and G scale bamboo flutes called Bansuri.


- Twitter: http://twitter.com/rohit_yadav - B!og: http://rohityadav.wordpress.com - Skype: rohitloveslinux - Jabber: rohityadav89 - irc: rohityadav - www: www.whatifi.undo.it (under construction)


VLC Widget: Song Notifier @ http://www.whatifi.undo.it/gsoc KrossDC++: krossdcpp.sf.net IceCuBe: icecubemsg.sf.net Graffiti: graffiti.sf.net GtkMoo: gtk-moo.sf.net Retro Messenger: retromessenger.sf.net