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I'm a software developer focused on Free Software technology, web scale applications and cool new stuff. I also do design, and I build horizontally scalable server infrastructures because it's fun. I'm a really committed FOSS advocate and GNU/Linux power-user (I'm one of those who think that Free software can change the world to something better, and I'll do my best to make that happen).

I am maintaining the D-Bus control module as an implementation of the MPRIS [1] of which I am a co-author and maintainer.

I worked on DLNA UPnP A/V integration which started as my Google Summer of Code project, mentored by Rafaël Carré. I am currently rewriting the UPnP services discovery module in C.

Contact me at mirsal at mirsal dot fr or bug me on IRC, (mirsal on

I (sometimes) blog here: