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General presentation

Hi, my name is André Weber.

Who I'am? I'am a german engineer. I have studied on a 'University of cooperative education' (here in the years from 1997 - 2000, and finished as "Dipl. Ing. (BA)".

Currently I work as software development engineer for a medium size company in germany, there I'am do database design, integration of geographic information systems, or new geodatasources and a lot of software architecture stuff.

In my sparetime - I'am continue software development and coding - for different open source software / open hardware projects.

(sorry that the pages are only in german...:) if you are interested to translate them... feel free :-) you are welcome)

For these projects and my profession I have learned serveral coding languages - so I have skills in:

  • C / C++
  • x86 ASM
  • Java
  • µC ASM from Microchip
  • and much Delphi (Object Pascal)

My way to VideoLAN coding?

In October 2007 I came in touch with VideoLAN for coding a videofilter to support the AtmoLight hardware. After submitting serveral smaller patches, or spotting problems - I got the privilege to get a full member of the VideoLAN team - since then I'am working mostly on Windows related problems of VideoLAN I have no special working area - so I dived into audio stuff (waveout, spdif issues), DirectShow Capture (choosing devices and settings) and some QT stuff for the new Gui... and fixed some smaller other bugs.


on IRC #videolan I'am to reach as "atmo" or "atmo|wrk"

on the videolan forums I'am "atmo" too.

or via mail: atmo (at) videolan (d0t) org.