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NOTE: I mostly focussed on QT4 so if there's an issue it doesn't necessarily mean it isn't a problem in WX either..

nightly win32-20070831


CRASH 1 WX: play file, open playlist, crash

CRASH 2 QT4: mkv crash (regression, works in WX)

3 QT4: play file, deinterlace, enable, resizes video to 10x10 pixels! deinterlace disable same effect workaround: disable/enable video track

4 QT4/WX: play button, doesn't give open dialog anymore

  • Works fine, but we need a way to know which one of "media library"/"playlist"/"services discovery" is active, and also a way to get the number of items in one of these "playlists" funman 01:22, 8 September 2007 (CEST)

5 QT4: open file, doesn't go where you click. when there is 2 rows and you click on a 2nd row it will shift the whole view to the left. so if you doubleclick (which used to select and open) you end up selecting the wrong file

6 QT4/WX: no longer avi corrupt warning popup

7 QT4: slider doesn't go where you click anymore, regression (does work in WX)

  • ok in linux, not ok in win32 funman 01:44, 8 September 2007 (CEST)

8 QT4: shoutcast TV, changing channels often segfaults

9 QT4: extended prefs, various modules not found (erase, marq, logo etc.)

  • ok on linux funman 01:43, 8 September 2007 (CEST)

10 QT4: wrong win32 slash, / instead of \ in filename

11 QT4: shows popup filename in taskbar while wx doesn't

  • just means wx sucks funman 03:38, 8 September 2007 (CEST)

12 QT4: shows full filename in VLC window instead of just the filename

13 QT4: shows full filename transparant few sec. instead of just the filename

CRASH 14 QT4: assertion crash in playlist_model.cpp: add sap or podcast, select, remove also will not remove audio or TV

15 QT4: open network:

       https will not appear in customize
       rtsp cannot enter address
       udp/rtp (unicast) can enter address but doesn't appear in customize

CRASH 16 QT4: assertion crash on open directory: playlist/tree.c line 191

(implemented) 17 QT4: Filter "video files" doesnt include .gxf and .mxf

CRASH 18 QT4: dock playlist, doesn't seem to work properly when showing videos, too small undock and replay a clip and it crashes (because the size is small?)

19 QT4: would be nice to have the speaker icon have a mute version with a cross in it

20 QT4: the numerical value for slower/faster isn't updated

CRASH 21 QT4: play file, open playlist, doubleclick the file you are playing, crash as sertion failed: playlist_model.cpp line 495, expression index.isValid() or does this only happen when adding telnet interface in the mean time!?

22 QT4: play button is now also pause button but has no pause icon yet

23 QT4: cannot play files with underscores (this is in cygwin)

24 QT4: S button for taking snapshots doesn't work, nor does F for fullscreen

25 QT4: rightclick in video doesn't open menu immediately, needs a "first" click this works counterintuitive, especially if you after that doubleclick for fullscreen (which needs another click then)

26 QT4: option to unhide menus works quite well, how do I unhide easily? suggestion, rightclick on video, tools, make a hide menu toggle (but this won't work if there is no vout active)

27 QT4: in win32 it seems the main window isn't resized properly initially the bottom line icons (forward, stop etc.) are half their usual height, dragging the resize slider bottom right a bit makes it "normal" again after clip is played it "resets" to the wrong height again in initial mode

  • fixed by ssbssa funman 03:38, 8 September 2007 (CEST)

28 QT4: file, open, this will give a default folder

       C:\documents and settings\user\application data
       note that there are no capitals while there should be (what is manipulating this?)
       in WX the last used folder is remembered, in QT4 not

29 QT4: file open, when browsing there is always debug msgs:

       intersectingStaticSet: row 10 was invalid

30 QT4: when files are opened with weird characters in filename or path like

       it will be misidentified as having subtitles and spam: freetype warning: unbreakable string
       does not happen in WX

31 QT4/WX: in cygwin gdb it's impossible to open files, gives weird filename could not open spam

       drag and drop does work

32 QT4/WX: start audio stream, open visualisation goom, disable goom, will not destroy the goom vout

33 QT4/WX: goto time function doesn't reset timing counter. example clip is at 0:52/4:10

          goto 0:10 with function and counter stays at 0:52/4:10 until the played clip exceeds
          52 sec. then it continues to count

34 QT4/WX: generic performance issue. a simple thing like opening internet explorer with blank page

          will interfere with VLC cause audio/video hickups when something is playing. regression
          --high-prio fixes it
  • make high-prio default ? funman 01:47, 8 September 2007 (CEST)

35 QT4/WX: play clip, turn on wallpaper, turn on deinterlace, wallpaper disappears from menu

svn 21737

CRASH 36 QT4: shoutcast TV discovery, click on the 1st discovered item, crash on playlist_nodedump

37 QT4: show more options in open dialogue. it's perhaps usable to always have this enabled?

       makes it easier to copy/paste links in VLC and you can see what some options do if
       you toggle them (timeshift etc.)

38 QT4/WX: opening a shoutcast playlist will not autostart the 1st item

CRASH 39 QT4: extended settings, add text, enable, disable (VLC marq still remains!), enable, crash

CRASH 40 QT4: extended settings, add logo, crash

41 QT4: file, open file. blank icons for files (no icons for registered filetypes)

42 QT4: [00000642] main interface error: option errors-dialog does not exist

43 QT4: menu inconsistencies. main menu has interfaces as part of tools while right click menu in vout has interfaces as seperate option

44 QT4: extended prefs doesn't have Close, OK or Cancel button. feels unnatural to close the prefs with the X top right. Use same Save, Cancel, Reset ext. prefs like the normal prefs menu has?

45 QT4: equalizer status isn't updated everywhere (already in trac?) when changing from main menu the status in extended prefs isn't updated accordingly and vice versa.the function is ok it's only the selection that isn't updated. why bother with 2 locations? doesn't extended prefs suffice or is main menu intended as "quick" setting?

svn 21817

46 QT4: cosmetics. extended prefs.. using wall or clone filter it's not possible to set the amount of clone or wall rows before hand because it's greyed out so you always have to use the defaults first, enable the option then set the appropriate amount.

47 QT4: start vlc, open playlist, dock playlist:

       33201 1 QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted.
       Be sure to QPainter::end() painters!

48 QT4: cosmetics. media information stats. imho the order looks nicer to have Video, Audio, Input, Streaming and also have the main window be just as big as all the expanded settings (same for Codec information)

49 QT4: open disc, disk device is not selectable (nothing to select, stays empty) and browse button is not functional yet. does work when I just manually type in my DVD drive as D:

50 QT4: cosmetics. language selection in interfaces is not sorted alphabetically

51 QT4: cosmetics. Tools, Codec information and Media information, to have both seems a bit redundant (they both open the Codec information tab). Why not drop Codec information from the menu but keep the CTRL+I as Media information as I stands for information :)

52 QT4: cosmetics: Tools, Codec information, Codec Details, why bother showing empty fields (i.e. Language is often not used)

53 QT4: cosmetics. overall view of QT4 is quite huge compared to WX and even other players (this sample doesn't even have the extra buttons)

       the play/stop etc. buttons in tray icon menu are already a lot smaller, are they usable?

54 QT4: cosmetics. the title section of the clip on the bottom does not have a 3d "feel" as if it's embedded, the same way the speed and time/duration section is.

55 QT4: cosmetics. personally I'd like the title section on the right and the time/speed on the left as it is with WX. this because those sections are rather fixed and "look" better at the left starting side.

56 QT4: cosmetics. as the slider bar is already quite large, why not have the time/duration section on the left or right side on the same height. this leaves more room for (often) long title info.

57 QT4: cosmetics and nice to have. magnetic menus for debug, ext. prefs etc. they open all over the place :)