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{| class="widebox {{#switch:{{{silent}}}|yes|y = hiddenStructure}} center" style="border-spacing:2px;"
{| class="widebox {{#switch:{{{silent}}}|yes|y = hiddenStructure}} center cellpadding-3px" style="border-spacing:2px;"
|style="text-align: left; padding: 3px;"|This page describes ''how to {{lcfirst:{{{1}}}}}''.
|style="text-align: left;"|This page describes ''how to {{lcfirst:{{{1}}}}}''.
|class="nowrap" style="text-align: right; padding: 3px;"|[[VLC HowTo|Other "how to" pages]]
|class="nowrap" style="text-align: right;"|[[VLC HowTo|Other "how to" pages]]
{{#switch:{{{nosort}}}|yes|y = |#default = <includeonly>{{DEFAULTSORT:{{#titleparts:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|1|2}}|noerror}}</includeonly>}}
{{#switch:{{{nosort}}}|yes|y = |#default = <includeonly>{{DEFAULTSORT:{{#titleparts:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|1|2}}|noerror}}</includeonly>}}

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This page describes how to {{{1}}}. Other "how to" pages


Calling the template currently:

  1. Auto-categorises pages to be members of Category:How To
  2. Corrects the sortkey: telling the system that VLC HowTo/Adjust audio delay ought to be filed as "Adjust audio delay" (A) and not "VLC HowTo/Adjust audio delay" (V).
  3. Displays a message (optional)
    • {{howto|do something}}) will show a message will be shown similar to the above.
    • {{howto|silent=yes}} will suppress the message altogether—however, the template still auto-categorises and auto-sorts.