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Strategy for main page

The main page is very busy. Intimidating for the early contributor. I suggest having a newbie page as an early link or making the main page less busy. For example you can get rid of or move done the talk about deprecated projects. Also the page is very similar to the main wiki intro page. One might get confused which one they are on. Daniel.Cardenas 00:59, 22 April 2007 (CEST)

Streaming Profiles

The idea is to make streaming very easy, and yet powerful by using parametrable profiles. These could be used either by the graphical interfaces or through HTTP/command line interfaces. This section will document the design as it progresses.

The various steps in the process will be: - Identification of the feature set - Transforming the features into requirements - Developing the Analysis Model - Developing the Design Model

The Feature-based Object-Orieted Methodology (FOOM) [1], an extension of the Unified Software Process will be followed.

Broken link

Hi! The link "Translation information and stats" in the Code VLC box is broken.

Best Regards, --materthron 18:46, 22 February 2008 (CET)

Yes Fixed

Translation of the Developers Corner

I translated the Developers Corner: VLC Developers Corner/de


How to Rotate/Transform Video on-the-fly in VLC?


I am working on GUI of VLC Player for WPF in C#. I want to add an option for end user to rotate/transform video to specific angle on-the-fly.

I was able to rotate at initialization time with following Video filter. --video-filter=rotate {angle=180}

Can you please let me know your LibVLC API used to rotate/transform video on-the-fly?