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Announce :

Title: VideoLAN needs your help.

Text: There are many things that we would like to improve in VLC, but that we don't, because we simply don't have enough time. That's why we are currently looking for some help. We have identified several small projects that prospective developers could work on. Knowledge of C and/or C++ programming will certainly be useful, but you don't need to be an expert, nor a video expert. Existing VLC developers will be able to help you on these projects. You can find the list and some instructions at We are waiting for you !

MCE IR partner wanted

Is any developer willing to start a mini-project for supporting the HID input keys and allowing IR remotes like the MCE remotes to control VLC? I am an experienced developer who would like to work on this. It would speed things up greatly if someone familiar with VLC answered questions for me. I promise to keep the number of questions small and not-too-dumb.

P.S. If there is a forum where this request belongs please let me know.