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General talk

Cache and GUI interface

This project may need to redesign a bit the cache handling module access. (How is this "Interface" related ? I agree that we might need to change the caching algorithms for web-content, but it's definitively not interface (nor web plugin) related. Dionoea 16:17, 8 March 2007 (CET))

Because VLC caches in seconds and Youtube are just caching the most they can to have the whole file local.

MKV muxer

From the VLC point of view i don't agree. It would be easier to integrate the muxer directly into VLC than put it in libavformat and then change the libavformat <-> VLC interface to use it. I'm not sure how the chapter / menu / subs system works in MKV but it sure will add complexitiy to or libavformat interface (and some lagg time between the time the mkv muxer makes it into ffmpeg and the time we make it work in VLC). -- Dionoea 16:25, 8 March 2007 (CET)

Note that the ffmpeg project already has this listed on their SOC page.

DirectX improvements

HD1080 streams (for instance MPEG4-AVC) push the best current machines at their limit. Usage of could help to leverage any GPU capabilities and accelerate the rendering (delegation of part of the process to the GPU depending on GPU capabilities