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About this Page

We could maybe merge the (unmantained) FAQ with this wiki page. We'd loose the translations in this process but it would be up to date. Dionoea

Yeah, it's a good idea - it'll save people having to look at a million pages --H2g2bob 17:54, 14 January 2006 (CET)

Windows FAQ

Moved from VLC Windows FAQ

Hi !

I compiled the source code from the package ( vlc-0.8.1.tar.gz), try to run it,but it close automaticly, and don't know why. Can someone help me, to tell me what I have to do...

Thanks by Kabel

Marc MORA 21:27, 28 Jun 2005 (CEST) In spite of this usefull language, that's english, i think that for french people who are newbies, it will be BETTER to use their native language to understand the beginning !!

Malgré l'évident intéret de l'utilisation de l'anglais dans nos communications, je suis persuadé que les débutants (dont je suis :-) gagneraient à utiliser le français pour comprendre les bases.

Un exemple
je ne suis pas totalement maladroit en anglais, mais je n'arrive pas du tout à faire ce que je veux et pas du tout à comprendre la moindre solution à mes attentes !!

Le Wikipédia se prête naturellement à ce multinlinguisme, pourquoi ne pas le faire ici ?

--spiralis 02:42, 13 Aug 2005 (CEST)Spiralis

Oh yeah! I totally agree. Why don't we all communicate in our native language? There is no doubt that I'd understand the beginner section a lot better if it was in Norwegian...

Seriously, norwegian is not near to be be as widespread as french, but there really are a lot of other languages that would be real "contenders" to french. I.e. spanish or even chinese? But is it really feasible to think that all the beginner sections can be translated? Why not instead make a list in the wiki showing users sorted based on nationality, and maybe also create national wiki-sections for this purpose (if it isn't already done that is, I am totally fresh in here). What I just said here might be what you said yourself in french above. But I really wouldn't know if that is the case, because - well, it's french... :). Then again - Marc might not understand a bleeping word of what I am saying here, so maybe someone with both english and french linguistic skills could translate this to Marc, just so that we can communicate properly ;)

No pun intended, Ronny :D