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toggle_fullscreen() is useless from an embedder point of view: if I am writing an application, I need to set the movie fullscreen or not. Which makes me think that the same reasoning should apply to audio_mute: we should rather have set_mute/get_mute: the status of mute is of interest for an application developer.

Zorglub Yes. I was thinking about actually putting both options for simplicity.

OlivierAubert Both options can be a little redundant, but it does not cost much anyway.


Zorglub I don't really know how to handle playlist retrieval as VLC playlist is not a simple list ...

OlivierAubert Yes, but it is a needed functionality anyway. We can defined a flattened view of the playlist, which will not exactly map to the playlist but be a reasonable view.


Dionoea Something like libvlc_vlm_cmd( libvlc_instance *, char *cmd, libvlc_exception ) could be usefull. This would let the enduser do whatever he wants with vlm easily.