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I see this is released under GPL. How should I go about getting any changes back to you? I added ToggleFullscreen, PlaylistPrev and PlaylistNext functions to wrap the native DLL VLC_FullScreen, VLC_PlaylistPrev and VLC_PlaylistNext functions. --Mattburke 16:19, 21 August 2007 (CEST)

You don't have to do so under the GPL. Of you course you can edit the files in the wiki if you want to (it's a wiki). Btw, to who ever started those pages: posting a project's code in a wiki isn't really what it's meant for (although it works :p). -- Dionoea 17:46, 6 September 2007 (CEST)

How about a ZIP FILE for the code?!!!

Why isn't there simply a zip file to download the project? This is ridiculous! I don't really want to become a freaking VLC expert, just add the functionality into my project, but this requires I download each file seperately and paste into a new code file. Why?!!! What a freaking pain.

WTF! It doesn't even compile!!!

This freaking project doesn't even compile!!! There are two missing members!!! This is the lamest waste of time I have spent in a long time... Wikis suck, btw...

Please read the copyright notices

I have noticed that many companies are including the C# .NET interface in commercial applications and disregarding the terms of the license. If you use the control in any application, commercial or otherwise, you must make the source code to the control available to the public. I have to laugh at companies who want programmers to sign a "non-disclosure" agreement--programmers should NEVER do this and programmers should always retain the copyright to their work and grant ONLY a non-exclusive license to a company. I think the companies using this control in their commercial applications should be held accountable for their violating the copyright notice on this control.

Can I?

Can I be so bold as to zip up the files as a Visual Studio 2005 project to create the DLL and upload them as a zip file here? User:Benelliott

Example usage


Would it be possible for me to grab some sample usage of this project, I'm looking to create a very basic app that just spawns a VLC window & grabs timestamps from a playing DVD. There's not much info on how to use this API & I wouldn't mind a simple example (which must exist anyway).

Got it compiling with a couple of minor tweaks btw, though I agree a zip would have saved some time!

Thanks in advance! James

how to draw on vlc region by c#

i had used this vlc interface and it woks prefectly event with local files or streams but i need to draw small images and texts on this video and stop double click which lead to full screen? thanks in advance

Shitty guide

This guide is pretty uninformative. Can someone please come back and finish this and explain how to integrate this into a project or something? Also a zip file would be nice.

License in Wiki doesn't match license in code

The Wiki talks about the GPL, but all the files are marked as LGPL. This would allow commercial applications to freely link to the code as an external library and still meet the requirements of the license.

Nevermind - the Wiki is referring to the fact that libvlc is GPL. The interface classes are released under LGPL, but in the end if libvlc is GPL, you're subject to that license.