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In the Open Source multimedia field there are various choices for multimedia streaming and playback. However analysing and checking validity of MPEG-TS streams is not really possible. DVBsnoop (http://dvbsnoop.sourceforge.net/) is the only application that is only one that comes near this goal, but it is a commandline utility. This doesn't make it easy to be used.

The goal of TS Info is to be an easy to use MPEG-TS (MPTS/SPTS) analyser with all the information, analysis and validation right under you finger tips.

It should also be possible to insert the TS Analyser/TS Monitor in between the client and the server and monitor the stream for the boundaries configured. If the boundaries (or rules) are crossed, then a trigger will be sent to indicate a deviation from the required settings.


  • Input from TS/RTP/UDP or TS/UDP
  • Possible extension to use linux-dvb device (maybe use dvblast as input)
  • PID list and bandwidths / %age - bargraph
  • Bitrates (also audio and video separate)
  • Mux distance of audio and video packets
  • SI table parsing (NIT, PMT, PAT, EIT, CAT, etc.) / descriptor parsing
  • Detect scrambled content (check scrambling bits 11, 10, optional 01/00)
  • I-frame gap
  • Determine GOP length
  • Detect Open/Closed GOP
  • Teletext/closed captioning detection
  • CRC errors
  • I-frame decoding
  • Discontinuity indication
  • Subtitle decoding
  • EPG grid
  • PID selection and forwarding to VLC (via UDP stream?)
  • Triggers on deviation from set boundaries (mux distance < 500ms, if not then sent trigger eg: sms/e-mail)
  • Mention conformance to which standard and link to it if online source is available



  • TS Analyser GUI - user interface to browse the MPEG-TS stream content (information gathered is similar to DVBsnoop)
  • TS Analyser - real-time MPEG-TS analyser that informs the GUI/TS Monitor of features discovered and various measurements
  • TS Monitor - real-time MPEG-TS monitor that triggers on deviations of preferred features in the MPEG-TS stream
                                     TS Analyser GUI

MPEG-TS --------> RTP/UDP input ---> TS Analyser --> RTP/UDP output
(MPTS/SPTS)                                |
                                     TS Monitor --> send trigger if deviation detected


  • TS Analyser GUI : GPLv2
  • TS Analyser library : LGPLv2.1
  • TS Monitor daemon : GPLv2