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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a not-for-profit project aimed at cooperatively creating a base of music subtitles. They advertise for VLC because of its ability to display subtitles along with music.

With and VLC, you can store lyrics files on your computer once for all, and have them displayed automatically when you listen to music.

Project's Contents

The project consists of two different things:

  • a website for sharing subtitles
  • a software you can use to create subtitles easily.

Current Problems

Currently in VLC, one thing prevents subtitles to be loaded automatically under Windows: the use of DOS-type filenames limited to 8 characters. However it will probably be fixed in the next versions of VLC.

Another small problem is that when you use the scrolling bar to move to another place in the file, subtitles stop being displayed.

Both of these problems are not specific to subtitles with music, they happen with movies too.