SoC 2011/Web Interface Improvements

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2011.
Student: Akash Mehrotra
Mentor: confusedvorlon


The primary aim of this project is to improve upon the luahttp interface and to add functions which are currently missing in the luahttp interface as compared to the qt interface. An additional aim is to redesign the http frontend and to create a lightweight http frontend for mobile devices.

Tentative list of improvements

  • enable playlist re-ordering
  • enable selection of a subtitle file (by path)
  • add 'unminimise' command to the fullscreen command
  • add ability to control picture controls (brightness, contrast, etc)
  • allow user to get drives list on windows

in progress

  • enable access to the graphical equaliser
  • implement pl_delete on luahttp


  • speed control
  • subtitle delay control
  • audio delay control
  • get the album art working(working already in luahttp)

Suggestions for possible incorporation

-I'm adding this section as a place to store ideas that we might incorporate into the project, but which are still at the discussion stage.

  • create status.json and playlist.json
  • update web interface pages to request and use json requests