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Here is a list of the accepted projects for Google Summer of Code 2O10.

List of current VLC projects

Shader support for video post-processing

A lot of video post-processing such as RGB-YUV conversion can be accelerated by using the GPU. This can either be achieved through a fragment shader, where it is the last step before a pixel is displayed on the screen, or it can be done with DirectCompute/CUDA/OpenCL. The method will vary depending on the task and intent. I will implement support for shaders by using the DirectX and OpenGL API and write a few shaders such as RGB-YUV conversion.

ASF demuxer

I was selected to do a project related to ASF and Matroska demuxers, but since there's some overlap related to Matroska, my main goal now is to improve the ASF demuxer as much as I can and then find another similar project to work on the rest of the time.

Implementing BD-J support in libbluray and VLC

This project will focus primarily on getting BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java) support into libbluray. BD-J support is important because many of the advanced features and extra content in Blu-ray movies uses BD-J. Currently people with Blu-ray drives are tied to Windows if they want to access this content, they are forced to use proprietary Blu-ray software which does not run on Linux or various other operating systems. This project will also integrate the BD-J support into VLC.

GUI for mobile phones (WinCE and others)

  • Project page:
  • Student: Kumar Anik
  • Mentor: Geoffroy Couprie
  • Abstract:

To develop a GUI for Mobiles, especially WinCE ones.

List of current x264 projects

Support for high bit depth encoding

The primary goal for this project is to prepare the code base of x264 for encoding H.264 video with user defined sample depths. This will involve templating the encoder and migrating existing C code for use with higher sample depths.

List of current VLMC projects

Enhancing VLMC

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website, right now. VLMC is a video editing software and having features in VLMC to search-retrieve videos, directly upload/update/delete videos on Youtube, within the application itself, would be awesome. The aim of this project is to write a small C++/Qt based Youtube client library for VLMC that provides her all the APIs to perform all those things.

List of current Phonon projects


Design a fully featured PCM I/O API for Phonon, and provide an implementation for the Phonon-VLC backend and one other (either MPlayer or Xine). This API will allow developers to capture PCM data from devices like a sound card, or to play back raw audio from memory, or elsewhere. This will provide some important missing features in Phonon, and open the door for many applications waiting to make use of an API like this.

Capture API

The goal of this project is to enable Phonon applications to access and display input devices, like webcams. The Phonon code-base is well designed and flexible, and apparently no major modifications are needed to the current API. The ease of use for the Phonon application developer is a priority. Features implemented in Phonon will be implemented in the Phonon-VLC back-end in parallel. Various device classes should be supported.