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{{SoCProject|year=2010|student=[[User:Skoruga|Sasha Koruga]]|mentor=[[Adrien Maglo]]}}
{{SoCProject|year=2010|student=[[User:Skoruga|Sasha Koruga]]|mentor=[[User:Adrien Maglo|Adrien Maglo]]}}
=Shader support for video post-processing=
=Shader support for video post-processing=

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010.
Student: Sasha Koruga
Mentor: Adrien Maglo

Shader support for video post-processing


A lot of video post-processing such as RGB-YUV conversion can be accelerated by using the GPU. This can either be achieved through a fragment shader, where it is the last step before a pixel is displayed on the screen, or it can be done with DirectCompute/CUDA/OpenCL. The method will vary depending on the task and intent. I will implement support for shaders by using the DirectX and OpenGL API and write a few shaders such as RGB-YUV conversion.


I go to UCSD, and my last final is on June 9th, so I will only be able to work part-time until then.