SoC 2010/Implementing BD-J support in libbluray and VLC

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010.
Student: William Hahne
Mentor: Jean-Paul Saman


This project will focus primarily on getting BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java) support into libbluray. BD-J support is important because many of the advanced features and extra content in Blu-ray movies uses BD-J. Currently people with Blu-ray drives are tied to Windows if they want to access this content, they are forced to use proprietary Blu-ray software which does not run on Linux or various other operating systems. This project will also integrate the BD-J support into VLC.


Status Description Comments
In Progress Learning relevant parts of VLC plugin system
Done List of BD-J classes needed
In Progress Make general structure of LibBDJ
Not Started Implement loading and executing jar files
Not Started Implement org.bluray.* classes
Not Started Implement org.havi.* classes
Not Started Implement org.davic.* classes
Not Started Implement org.dvb.* classes
Not Started Implement* classes

Here is a more detailed list of classes that need to be implemented. [1]


Date Period Description
April 26 - May 24 Community bonding Get a more exact list of the which classes are most important and commonly used. Lay out the structure of the LibBDJ API.
May 24 - May 30 Week 1 Get basic LibBDJ API written.
May 31 - June 6 Week 2 Start working on the org.bluray.* classes.
June 7 - June 13 Week 3 Continue working on the org.bluray.* classes.
June 14 - June 20 Week 4 Finish up the org.bluray.* classes.
June 21 - June 27 Week 5 Start adding in classes already implemented in XleTView.
June 28 - July 4 Week 6 Finish adding in classes already implemented in XleTView.
July 5 - July 11 Week 7 Start working on the remaining classes.
July 12 - July 18 Week 8 Continue working on the remaining classes.
July 19 - July 25 Week 9 Finish working on the remaining classes.
July 26 - August 1 Week 10 Start finishing up (fix remaining known bugs, testing).
August 2 - August 8 Week 11 Continue finishing up.
August 9 - August 15 Week 12 Finish up and do any final testing.


None yet.