SoC 2010/DLNA UPnP Server Client Modules

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010.
Student: Austin Burrow
Mentor: Konstantin Pavlov

DLNA UPnP Server/Client Modules


The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) offers a standard that many manufacturers use as a way to keep compatibility across different products that use UPnP. As of 2008, over 5,500 different devices and over 200 million sold products use the DLNA standard. This project will improve the current UPnP model, and apply the DLNA standard as Client/Server modules.

In Progress

Here is a list of things I am currently working on.

  • UPnP Client Directory Duplication Bug - Whenever a server pushes new changes to the client, the current client does not remove the old directories which in turn causes duplicates to be displayed. The problem right now is that there is no method to remove one item out of the list, so I'm left with removing the server item (services_discovery_RemoveItem) which removes the children directories, and rebuild it, but this causes flashing and the user is not able to expand the tree until the full list has been updated. If the server itself discovers new files, it would require a complete rebuild of the directory tree, causing the user to traverse through the tree again to find something.
  • UPnP Library Pros/Cons - I will go through the pros and cons of what each library offers.



Timeline includes GSoC key dates. I will edit this as time goes along.

May 24 Start UPnP Server implementation

July 12 Mid-Term Evaluations

July 16 Mid-Term Evaluation Due Date

August 9 Suggested Pencils Down - No new features, cleanup code, documentation, etc.

August 16 Firm Pencils Down

August 20 Final Evaluation Deadline


Catch me on freenode as Aust. Email me at atburrow at gmail dot com.