SoC 2010/Audio on x264

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010.
Student: Diogo Franco
Mentor: Jason Garret-Glaser


Implement an audio filtering system that allows transcoding of audio with resampling, sample format conversion and channel remixing.

This is meant to be used for using with the soon-to-be-merged video filtering system for doing transcoding using only x264. Is also a prerequisite for the planned --device option that will automatically downscale the video if needed, set the appropriate H.264 level options and transcode to the appropriate audio codec.


This list is preliminary.

Status Deadline Description
- May 30 Basic audio transcoding working
- June 6 Integrate the audio framework into x264
- June 6 Modify a muxer in x264 to support audio (most likely flv)
- - Implement the essential filters
- - Make the system automatically insert filters if needed for the target codec