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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2009.
Student: Rémi Duraffort
Mentor: Pavlov Konstantin


The goal of this Google Summer of Code is to implement two feature that are missing in vlc:

  • visualizations using libprojectM library.
  • p2p access capability


May 26 Begining of the GSoC but work mainly on vlc next release (a lot of bugs fixed)
June 17 libprojectM module mostly finished, code the p2p access
July 6-12 Mid-term evaluation
August 24 Final evaluation


The projectM module is mostly finished and give good results. You can try it (tested only under linux for the moment) from my git repository and compiling vlc with the --enable-projectm configure option. You will need libprojectm-dev and an opengl provider module.