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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2009.
Student: Fabio Ritrovato
Mentor: Jean-Philippe Andre

Project Abstract

The main goal of this project will be giving VideoLAN a Lua framework to load scriptable services discovery, to make them easier to write, if they don't require C complexity.
Second goal will be giving VideoLAN access to a great number of online music and video services, like Jamendo, Magnatune, youtube, Dailymotion, etc..., using the new Lua modules.


Before May 26 Study lua, vlc source
May 23 Coding begins
May 23 - June 13 Code the lua framework, make sure it works...
June 13 - June 27 UI integration
July 6-13 Mid-term evaluation
June 27 - August 10 Code the services discovery
August 10-17 "Pencil down"
August 17-24 Final evaluation
September 3 Submitting required code samples to Google

The planning is still a little vague, i still don't know examination dates, so it's just a guess, but i don't think to have big problems on working during that period (probably just a break the day of the exam or the day before...)

Current Status


You can checkout to my repository by:

 $ git clone git://

Remember to switch to branch "work".

Right now?

Studying lua, jpeg sample code...