SoC 2009/Enhancing VLMC

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2009.
Student: Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen
Mentor: Ludovic Fauvet

Enhancing VLMC


The aim of this project is to provide a functionnal workflow for the VLMC project, including the transition and effects API, in order to allow external developpers to create new effects. At the moment, VLMC isn't abble to generate a video output. After this summer, it (hopefully) will :)

The workflow consists of 5 differents workflows :

  • The main workflow
  • The clip workflow
  • The track workflow
  • The effects workflow
  • The transition workflow

Basically, the main workflow will query the track workflow, which will query the clip workflow for each clip contained in the so called track. Transitions and effect workflow will query transition and effects modules at different points, from the precedently described workflows.


Task name End date Dependencies Status
Clip workflow 06-06-09 Requires a functional preview widget, and a basic timeline Completed
Tracks workflow 13-06-09 Requires a functionnal Clip workflow Completed (Without track editing capabilities)
Main workflow 04-07-09 Requires a functionnal Track workflow Completed
Effect and Transition API 25-07-09 Requires lots of conception :p Not started yet
Effect workflow 01-08-09 Requires all the basic workflow to be functionnal, and an effect API to query modules Not started yet
Transition workflow 09-09-09 Requires all the basic workflow to be functionnal, and the transition API Not started yet


May 26 Here we go !

June 06 Functionnal clip workflow

June 13 Functionnal track workflow

June 19 Some small vacation

July 01 Let's get back coding !

July 04 Main workflow

Having a look at the code efficiency would be good. At this point, real time is almost mandatory.

July 07 Mid term evaluation

July 25 Effect and transition API

August 01 Functionnal effect workflow

August 08 Functionnal transition workflow

August 11 Check code, write doc, beeing nervous if work isn't done.

August 18 Keyboard pencil down :(

August 18/19 Let's party o//


I blog here and you can contact me at :)


You can find the VLMC Git repository here


For more informations, please visit the official VLMC website.