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Here is a list of the accepted projects for Google Summer of Code 2OO8.

List of current projects

Panorama Viewing

The goal of this project is to make VLC a one-stop solution for viewing panoramas of various formats. Currently, FreePV is the best/only cross-platform, non-proprietary solution for viewing QuickTimeVR and plain image panoramas. However it suffers from a few drawbacks, which include difficult installation, browser plug-in conflicts and low popularity. The intent is to integrate the FreePV rendering code with VLC. This should not only automatically alleviate installation difficulty and plug-in conflicts, but also bring panorama viewing to a much larger audience. This project will initially focus on basic support for QTVR files and equirectangular images.

Qt improvements

In my project I should do fullscreen controller, backend for Phonon and playlist improvements. FS controller have to be clickable, dragable with all VLC functionality. Phonon backend will help spread VLC and support its using by other developers. And finally I will upgrade playlist, fix and update DragAndDrop and other bugs.