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Those rules are mostly for x264 and VLC.

Those rules are quite flexible for any situation.


We don't like rules.

We like freedom and having fun with software programming.

However, we have no choice, seeing past experiences and issues. :'(

Summer Generalities

If you are a student, we expect that:

  • You don't have a full-time job during your summer if you are doing SoC at the same time,
  • You are of good will to work within VideoLAN team.

If you are a mentor, we expect that:

  • You are willing to work with one student and answers his questions.


To be selected, students will have to:

  • Show on IRC,
  • Join the mailing lists (x264-devel or vlc-devel, according to your project),
  • Select an idea,
  • Say hello to the potential mentor and admin.
  • Learn about the code you should modify (where in the source, what is the idea...),
  • Be able to compile a VLC for your platform (for VLC development) and learn how to use Git.
  • Show the team that you compiled VLC, by probably provide a small patch and a build. You can send the patch to an admin or to vlc-devel@

Examples of small patches:

    • Fix warnings,
    • Add some simple feature that sounds nice to you,
    • Close a VLC bug on trac,
    • add a dropdown choice for audio devices to the Direct Sound output module,
    • Make it possible to change the list of destinations in a duplicate stream output element dynamically,
    • Extend the DBus control to activate a video filter on the fly on an already playing video.
    • Add RMI (RIFF MIDI) support to the SMF demux
    • radio playing
    • libsox based module

  • Complete the Google admission and give a planning idea.

During the summer

Student expectations

  • Student should explain his planning to his mentor and to an admin (not everyone has the same vacations)
  • Student should report with a small mail once a week to both mentor and admin during the time agreed (failure to do that will fail the application)
  • Student should commit on his personal git branch once a week, except the first week of your schedule (or more if your project is complex).

Explaining why you can't work one week is fine. Disappearing without notice is not.

  • Update wiki status page.

Student rights

  • Ask questions and stupid questions to anyone
  • Bother the mentor with questions
  • Ask the admin for another mentor if the mentor doesn't answer or doesn't fit.

Students will be considered as full-right developers.

Mentor expectations

  • Mentor should report to admins any problems as soon as noticed,
  • Mentor should tell admins if they can't make it in order to have another mentor for the student.

Mentor rights

  • Fail a student :D


To get selected

  • Be nice
  • Show us some code on VLC, that shows us sure you know how to compile VLC.
  • Show us some code on VLC, that shows us that you understand the VLC architecture.
  • Come on IRC.

During the SoC


Ask questions