SoC 2008/x264/Interesting Frame Stuff

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.
Student: Robert Deaton
Mentor: Dark Shikari

Project Abstract

The primary goal of this project would be to improve the B-frame decision algorithms by applying rate decision optimization to the algorithms in an attempt to make better decisions, as well as do other interesting things with frames.

Weekly Schedules

As a note, I spend my summer jumping back and forth between two different homes, and while at the beach house I can occasionally not get access to the internet, so while I may not be on IRC or respond timely to e-mail, I do have my laptop and will still be working and testing clips. I hope to get tethering support with my blackberry at some point this summer.

Week 1 (May 26) Finish initial studying of the x264 source code. Graduation falls during this week, so it occupied most of my time. As of June 1st, school is over.

Week 2 (June 2) Starting work on B-frame decision

Week 3 (June 9) Will be out of town on June 11.

Week 4 (June 16) Will probably be out a few days this week, for orientation at the university. Date is not yet scheduled for certain.

Other than what is listed above, I have no extended vacations planned, though I may simply be out of contact while jumping around between the houses on some days during the summer.