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{{SoCProject|year=2008|student=[[User:Geal|Geoffroy Couprie]]|mentor=Jérôme Decoodt}}
=WinCE Port of VLC=
=WinCE Port of VLC=
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*Rebuild of interface to adapt it to small screens
*Rebuild of interface to adapt it to small screens
'''Name :''' [[User:Geal|Geoffroy Couprie]]
'''Country :''' France
'''University :''' Ecole Centrale de Lille
'''Name :''' Jérôme Decoodt

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.
Student: Geoffroy Couprie
Mentor: Jérôme Decoodt

WinCE Port of VLC


The VLC media player has been port to many different platforms, but it lacks Windows CE support since some versions. This project aims at making VLC work on a Windows CE platform, with a few features:

  • RTSP
  • H264
  • Snapshots
  • Playlist
  • Rebuild of interface to adapt it to small screens


May 26 : Beginning of SoC

May 27 : Beginning of holidays

July 14 : Mid-term evaluations deadline

September 1 : Final evaluation deadline

What will be used

This is the list of the tools that will be used to achieve this project: