SoC 2008/UPnP

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.
Student: Mirsal Ennaime
Mentor: Rafaël Carré

GSoC - DLNA UPnP A/V integration

I will use this page as a placeholder for details and progress information about my SoC 2008 project.

The project


Even if it is controverted, UPnP A/V Is a widely used standard set of protocols for networked digital audio and video equipment interoperability, thus making it almost a requirement digital media software that aim to become real part of the average multimedia home network. This project aims to implement at least the Media Server part in VLC media player, which will enable it to advertise and stream media to DNLA UPnP A/V enabled devices, such as the PlayStation 3.



My progress

What am I doing *right now* ?