SoC 2008/Qt improvements

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.
Student: Lukas Durfina
Mentor: Jean-Baptiste Kempf

GSoC - QT improvements

Goals of my project:

  Fullscreen controller (FSC) for Linux and Windows
  make VLC interface for Phonon to provide it as backend
  playlist enhancements

GIT repo

web browsing:;a=summary

getting code: git clone git://

feel free to clone, compile, test and make feedback

Work timetable

26th May - start of coding

9th June - FSC should be mostly done, start Phonon part of project

9th - 12th June - one or two free days caused by bachelor exams

3th August - VLC Phonon backend should be greatly working

4th August - start coding around playlist

5th September - end of the SoC project

Status of work

26th May

          prototype of fullscreen controller is working on linux,
          but on windows there is issue with hidding of FS controller
          I requested Tanguy Krotoff for svn account in VLC(-mplayer) Phonon backend repository

28th May

          I have account in VLC(-mplayer) Phonon backend repository
          FSC works in unintergrated and integrated video

29th May

          hidding on windows is working, it is done by trick, but
          searching for resolving problem with hide() continue

2nd June

          remove equalizer button from FSC
          it seems nobody knows why hide() doesnt work for windows,
          so it is solved by setting opacity and resending key press
          events to libvlc