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= Google Summer of Code 2008 =
= Google Summer of Code 2008 =
== QuickTime VR (panorama) Viewing ==
== Panorama Viewing ==
Also on this wiki: [[SoC_2008#QuickTimeVR_Playing]]
Also on this wiki: [[SoC_2008#QuickTimeVR_Playing]]
=== My Commitment ===
=== My Commitment ===

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Google Summer of Code 2008

Panorama Viewing

Also on this wiki: SoC_2008#QuickTimeVR_Playing

My Commitment

I'm committed to work at least 40 hours per week for 3 months on this project except for the first week in April when I will be busy with final exams.


This plan is based on the dates in the GSoC 2008 timeline

  • March 31
  • figure out what needs to be done
    • how to modify VLC to detect QTVRs
    • what needs to change in VLC to display QTVRs
    • figure out how to write codecs for VLC
      • User:dionoea mentioned that image handling modifications are required
  • get an understanding of the QTVR format (possible start: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/QuickTime/InsideQT_QTVR/6Chap/chapter_6_section_1.html and the FreePV code)
  • see how much of the FreePV code can be used
  • make a list of QTVR functionality in the order of importance to organize the implementation steps
  • think about turning FreePV into a library that can be used in VLC
  • by now I should have a good idea of how things fit together
  • write a bare-minimum OpenGL QTVR viewer for VLC
  • July 14
  • do some testing
  • get feedback
  • keep extending the basic functionality until time runs out
  • August 18

What to do about plain image (JPG, PNG) panoramas?

  • can't really detect that an image is a panorama without any hints
    • command line: let the user specify what type of panorama the supplied image(s) is(are) using a --panorama={equirectangular,cylindrical,littleplanet,...} switch
    • GUI a special open dialog for loading panoramas - the user specifies what type of panorama is expected using a drop down box