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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.
Student: Eric Dudiak
Mentor: Felix Paul Kühne

Mac OS X (Leopard) Integration


Unlike Windows and Linux, Mac OS X does not offer much in terms of alternatives to its built-in QuickTime media player. VLC media player represents the only Mac media player with significant support for various media formats and a tight integration with the OS, including a "Mac-like" user interface. As it is the only full, viable alternative to QuickTime on the Mac OS X platform, it is important that it stay current with various Mac technologies to offer users a comprehensive option for media playback.

Aspects of tighter Mac OS X integration:

  • Quick Look Generator for Leopard (to generate thumbnails and full media previews from the Finder)
  • Making most common preferences accessible in a Mac-style preference window organized with icon tabs across the top such as in Safari and Mail.
  • Moving the Readme document and other help resources into a HelpViewer HTML document to allow better help searching in Leopard.
  • Improvements in steaming server wizard to be more in-line with other Mac wizards and easier to use for personal streaming between Macs.
  • Add better support for package files that contain media VLC can play, such as iMovie Projects and EyeTV recordings.
  • Update the VLC file icons to the 512 by 512 size for Leopard.