SoC 2008/EVR video output module

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.
Student: Kaarlo Räihä
Mentor: Andre Weber

SoC 2008/EVR video output module

As part of SoC_2008 I (Kaarlo Räihä aka VLC_help) will try to implement EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) video output module for VLC media player. EVR will hopefully be default video output module for Windows Vista but it might also work with Windows XP if the .NET Framework 3.0 is installed. EVR should guarantee tearing free output that also works with Aero.

If I have some extra time, I will try to add some features to Direct3D output module (shaders, rotating video etc.) and possible fix other Windows (Vista) related issues/bugs.

Current status of project

Tested EVR code (I still need to create very simple working base). Stage 1 under work.



  • Code: 0.01 kloc (for the output module only, doesn't include random patches or proto code)
  • Comments: 0.01 kloc
  • Total: 0.02 kloc

Planned absence / Vacations / Holidays

Midsummer days (19.6.2008 - 22.6.2008)



Coding will start on 26th of May. There should be working module hopefully on first week of July (1st July - 6th July). Coding ends on 25th of August when my studies at university continue. Documentation and some support will continue after GSoC if needed.

Stage 1: Use Visual Studio to create EVR sample code (one image, nothing fancy).

Stage 2: Get that same code compile under Cygwin environment (and make sure someone else can also compile it).

Stage 3a: Implement EVR module to VLC. Stage 3b: Test EVR implementation (include various stress tests)

Week 21 (19.5.2008 - 25.5.2008)

  • Soft start (GIT stuff, serious IRC chatting, random patches, recruit beta testers)

Week 22 (26.5.2008 - 1.6.2008)

  • Start planning
  • make/build changes
  • Write some proto code for EVR test
  • test some EVR samples found around internet (mostly MSDN)

Week 23 (2.6.2008 - 8.6.2008)

  • Get stage 1 done
  • Finish Win32 http proxy patch
  • Write better proto code
  • Get my git branch basecode updated

Week 24 (9.6.2008 - 15.6.2008)

  • Complete stage 1
  • Start stage 2
  • test more EVR samples found around internet and Windows SDK

Reality (aka what did I do)

Coding started on 26th of May. Currently working on stage 1 (about 50% done).

Week 21 (19.5.2008 - 25.5.2008)

  • GIT repo obtained
  • IRC chatting with devs
  • Two random patches sent to mailing list (sorry about the mess I caused)
  • One beta tester recruited
  • Issues related to build environment found which I have to fix

Week 22 (26.5.2008 - 1.6.2008)

  • Wiki updated
  • Stage 1 started
  • Simple proto test (failed)
  • First git push

Week 23 (2.6.2008 - 8.6.2008)

  • Wiki updated
  • Finished Win32 IE http proxy patch
  • Updated Windows SDK and Visual studio to get more EVR sample code (no simple code available)
  • Second git push

Week 24 (9.6.2008 - 15.6.2008)

  • Completed stage 1
  • Started stage 2