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Here is a list of the accepted projects for the Google Summer of Code 2007.

List of current projects

Avanced subtitle support for VLC

by Philip David Lamparter, mentored by Sigmund Augdal

VLC Mac OS X Framework Implementation

by Pierre d'Herbemont, mentored by Felix Paul Kühne

Matroska Muxer for VLC

by Hugo de Jesús Garza Gómez, mentored by Steve Lhomme

RTSP Streaming Server in VLC

by Sourav Pal, mentored by Jean-Paul Saman

Fullscreen Controller and Advanced Subtitle Support on VLC media player

by Richard Guo, mentored by Yoann Peronneau

Audio Extensions for VLC media player

by Biodun Osunkunle, mentored by Derk-Jan Hartman

Overlay Video Filter for VLC

by Søren Bøg, mentored by Antoine Cellerier