SoC 2007

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Reflexions for Google Summer of Code applications.


We need mentors !

Ideas SoC 2007

GUI intfs for the mozilla plugins

BDA Drivers

and TV stuffs for windows

Subtitles support

SSA, freetype, whatever

Preferrably incorporating either the libass ( or asa ( libraries instead of writing our own.

Fullscreen Controller

RTCP support

Vista acceleration support

Vout Rework (lol)

Working skins2 support on OSX

OSX Leopard support

especially: QTKit Capture API, Resolution independence, iChat Theatre

Mac OS X Framework

Create a VLC framework that can be used by both and VLCplugin.bundle. (Trac Ticket #739)

VLM Schedule rework

WinCE port

Matroska (mkv) muxing

robUx4 can do the mentoring. He already wrote the demux and knows mkv really well. Sounds like a nice SoC subject.

Hint MP4/MOV Files

Add video and audio hint tracks as the output file is muxed. Resulting files can be streamed from RTSP server with trickplay, like DSS/QTSS. Probably requires use of GPAC libraries.

Extract Subtitles

It would be great to have an easy way to extract subtitles from all the types of embedding used in different formats of video streams. DVB, line 23, etc. Google could be interested because it's a really hard, but discrete task. And who wouldn't like search google videos with text.

Proposed ones