SoC 2007

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Reflexions for Google Summer of Code applications.


We need mentors !

Ideas SoC 2007

GUI intfs for the mozilla plugins

BDA Drivers

and TV stuffs for windows

Subtitles support

SSA, freetype, whatever

Preferrably incorporating either the libass ( or asa ( libraries instead of writing our own.

Fullscreen Controller

RTCP support

Vista acceleration support

Vout Rework (lol)

Working skins2 support on OSX

OSX Leopard support

especially: Core Animation, QTKit Capture API, Resolution independence, iChat Theatre

Mac OS X Framework

Create a VLC framework that can be used by both and VLCplugin.bundle. (Trac Ticket #739)

VLM Schedule rework

WinCE port

Proposed ones