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Mystery solved: see Documentation:Format String

Known Prefix Codes & Output

If you put these as part of the filename in the default filename preferences (Windows from this particular set of experiments), they create different output. I don't have much idea what they represent, but I know some of the output, and can't find any documentation on this anywhere.

Prefix code Output
$A "A"
$B "0"
$C "0"
$D ? 00_00_08 ?
$E "E"
$F path and filename, minus path info special characters
$G "G"
$H "H"
$J "J"
$K "K"
$L ? 00_00_07 ?
$M "M"
$N Filename
$O "-"
$P ? Frame?
$Q "Q"
$R ? 1.0 ? Aspect Ratio?
$S ? 0.0 ? - Audio Info?
$T Timecode from video?
$U "-"
$V ? 256 ? Color depth?
$W "W"
$X "X"
$Y "Y"
$Z "Z"
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