Skins2 Contest

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Skins2 Contest

This page covers a skins2 contest for VLC media player, during VLC 1.0.0 release cycle.

It can leverage the use of the new VLC Skin Editor.


Working and submission

You can work on your skin and submit it until May 28th, 2009 23:59UTC, which gives around 3 weeks of development.

Submission must be done in private (to avoid cheating between contestants), by mailing jb.


A public vote will be held from May 29th, 2009 to June 1st, 2009 on our main website.

Everyone can vote and the VLC developers will have a right to veto (yeah, no Colbert Skin ;) )


This skin will be the default skin for the skins2 interface for VLC 1.0.0 or any subsequent release 1.0.x, depending on when 1.0.0 gets out.


  • No age limit
  • Forbidden to VLC developers
  • No Operating System required
  • Skin should work on VLC 1.0.0-rc1 and be conform with the spec
  • VLC Skins Editor can be used (advised)
  • One person can submit up to 2 skins
  • One person can submit a skin that was posted on videolan website in the last 3 month
  • Skins should follow the following specifications

Skin specification

  • VLT file should not be more than 400kB (400*1024 Bytes)
  • VLT should be original, other player look is NOT accepted (WMP11-like or iTunes like are NOT OK)
Examples NOT OK
tm_Win_VLC_11.JPG tm_blissta_1.jpg tm_itunes.jpg tm_winamp5.jpg
  • No real need for a big "VLC" or "VideoLAN" text/logo

Mandatory elements

  • Main window
    • Play/Pause button (as a checkbox)
    • Stop button
    • Next button
    • Previous button
    • Time slider
    • Volume slider
    • Time ($T) & duration ($D) display
    • DVD buttons (do we want them to be shown all the time ? -- of course not)
    • Playlist button/checkbox (to show/hide the playlist)
  • Playlist
    • Playlist (use <Playtree>)
    • Add button
    • Remove button
  • Video window
  • Equalizer

Optional elements

    • Random, loop buttons
    • Or : submenu
  • Video window
    • Fullscreen button
  • Miniature mode