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Skin support for VLC is now mature and there are some wonderful skins. You may like to use them rather than the default interface.

Using a skin


First, go to the Skin page, choose a skin and download it.

Important: You shall download the "complete" 'Skin Pack', because the download package of some 'specific' skins, as ASkin and WMP11, don't include it's '.vlt' file, that is needed to use it. These '.vlt' files are only at the "complete" 'Skin Pack', that, by other hand, don't include other files needed to use some specific skins, as the same ASkin and WMP11 skins. So, besides the "complete" 'Skin Pack', you shall download the specific skins you want and see if they include not '.vlt' files, mainly '.png' files, that are not included at the "complete" 'Skin Pack', that has only '.vlt' files.

In addition to the skins listed at the Skin Page, VLC supports all the Winamp2 and XMMS skins (.wsz files).

Extract the "complete" and specific skins at the 'VLC\skins' directory

The '.vlt' files of the "complete" 'Skin Pack' will be at this directory. The other files of each specific skin, mainly the '.png' files, will be at an specific sub-folder for each skin that use these files.

  • Linux users: Put it in ~/.vlc/skins2/

Tell VLC you will use an alternative skin

Start VLC, open menu "preferences", open "interfaces" and click "main interface". Change the setting in the dropdown control "Interface module" from 'Default' to Skinnable Interface. Click the Save button.

Choose your alternative skin

Restart VLC. It has now a new default skin! To change this skin to any other you want, right-click on it's title bar or controls bar, choose 'Select skin' and the skin you want.

To return to the Default skin

Right-click on the title bar or controls bar, choose 'Preferences' and undo what you did 2 steps before: , open "interfaces" and click "main interface". Change the setting in the dropdown control "Interface module" from 'Skinnable Interface' to 'Default'. Click the Save button.

Create a skin

Create a new skin documentation.