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Quality Assurance

This section of this wiki is about helping to increase the quality of different versions of VideoLAN's products, and mainly VLC media player.

Why this page ?

Main idea

There is not much yet on this page, but the idea is to develop test protocols, regroup test files, and at the end improve the whole quality of VLC, to avoid regressions and check roadmaps.

Who is concerned

The community of VideoLAN's numerous users and developers can enforce the project by doing systematic tests and report bugs and regressions. Some projects rely on a lot of external code that evolves a lot. Being numerous can help to make it better.


The bugs should be tracked down and killed using trac

Why should you get involved ?

The more we are, the more bugs are spotted, the best VLC is ! Easy, ain't it ?

So if you help, everyone will be a winner.

How can you get involved ?

Use this talk page or contact; for a start User_talk:J-b (this will change). Then, just run the tests and modify this wiki's pages.

Bug reporting

Use trac to do these.


  • Prepare the tests for VLC 0.8.6
  • Gather original and references video and audio files


Motto: Let's improve VLC !!!

Tests to run

You want to help testing VLC ? There are a few tests that you can handle:

  • VLC playback tests (codecs and files related) Win32 and MacOS focused.
  • VLC functionnality tests
  • VLC transcode and streaming tests


Official files

All those files should be tested inside the reference FTP.


Use that structure to create the reports.

More files

Where to search for more files:

  • MPlayer's MPlayer's FTP
  • References codecs pages usually, linking to those should be enough...

Versions roadmaps


0.9.0 should be the first version to review now.


Use the latest NB, 20070425 or newer to run your tests And report. Here you can download experimental versions of VLC.